Employment Tribunals

Following the Liquidation appointments, there were a number of claims made to the Employment Tribunal.

This page provides updates in respect of the Employment Tribunals heard to date, those pending judgment and any further action that may be required from former employees subject to the proceedings.

Employment Tribunal Update – 8 April 2022

Employment Tribunal Update – 30 July 2021

Employment Tribunal Update – 22 June 2021

Employment Tribunal Update – 19 May 2021

Employment Tribunal Update – 6 May 2021

Please refer to the sections relevant to your particular claim.

Section 2 – this covers current judgments.

Section 3 – if you fall within the scope of the judgments detailed in section 2 but your details have not been passed to the RPS, there are a number of follow up steps outlined that you may wish to consider.

Section 4 – provides an update on claims pending judgment.