Thomas Cook Group Plc Employees - Helpful Links and Information

Mental health and well-being

The Special Managers understand this is an extremely difficult time and wish to support those experiencing any mental health issues as a result of this insolvency process. Should you wish to contact someone who has professional experience in dealing with mental health issues, we would encourage you to contact the Samaritans who offer a free 24 hour helpline. This service offers a safe place for you to talk and which is free from judgment. Please see the below link for further information:

Smart works

Smart Works is a women's organisation that offers free interview clothing and coaching before an upcoming job interview, helping you to feel calm, confident and empowered.

At a Smart Works appointment, each client is dressed in a beautiful interview outfit, which is free and hers to keep, followed by a one-to-one interview coaching session, so that each woman has the clothes, the coaching and the confidence they need to succeed. To speak to Smart Works about how they can support you before a job interview, please call 020 7288 1770 and mention that you have seen this post.

ABTA – Lifeline Charity

ABTA operates a Lifeline Charity which can be used to support travel agents, Tour Operators and accessed by employees for a variety of reasons including redundancy. To read and find out more please access the following link:

Questions about pensions

Anyone in the UK concerned about their pension situation can call The Pension Advisory Service (TPAS) on 0300 123 1047 for free and impartial guidance.

A microsite has also been set up by the various Thomas Cook Pension Trustees to assist scheme members. To read and find out more please access the following link:


What should I do with Thomas Cook uniform (pilot; cabin crew; engineering; iDM) still in my possession?

If you are no longer working and you are still in possession of a Thomas Cook uniform (pilot; cabin crew; engineering; iDM) it is not necessary for you to return these uniforms. However, it is important to note that official uniforms need to be kept in your safe possession and not sold to or shared with other people. If you are not planning to keep your uniform then please ensure you do not donate it to a charity shop and rather dispose of them in such a way that they cannot be worn again.

Your responsibility regarding Company Data

It is a criminal offence to share any company data (customer; financial; supplier etc.) with any third party or on public forum. This includes selling Thomas Cook owned electronic equipment such as laptops, including on eBay or similar sites, as the equipment may contain company data. GDPR regulations and associated penalties in respect of any data breach continue to apply to everyone who has worked for or continues to work for Thomas Cook regardless of the company’s compulsory liquidation.

If you are approached for any company data or are aware of any illegal activity regarding company data please protect yourself by notifying AlixPartners at