General Creditor and Distribution Info

The Thomas Cook Claims Site

In November 2021, the Liquidator and the Special Managers from both AlixPartners and Interpath (together, the Officeholders), launched the Thomas Cook Claims Site (the Claims Site), which can be accessed here

The Officeholders have set up the Claims Site to allow creditors to add details of their claims, respond to queries from the Officeholders (if any) during the review of their claims, and also check for updates on the status of their claims.

Information for creditors that have previously submitted a claim

Where a creditor has previously submitted a claim to the Liquidator, Special Manager or Agent, and it appears that the claim is against, or should be against, a Thomas Cook UK liquidation company that is reasonably considered to have sufficient funds to make a distribution to its unsecured creditors, their claim will be uploaded to the Claims Site.

These creditors will receive a letter with instructions on how to access an existing claim.

You can access your existing claim by registering and logging into the Claims Site, using the unique details presented in the letter, to provide any further information that is needed to progress your claim or to see the status of your claim.

You will have eight weeks from the date of your letter to access, review and update the claim you have already made. At the end of the eight-week period, the claim you have previously made will be closed to any further changes and automatically submitted for assessment. You will still be able to submit a new claim after the end of the eight-week period.

Further information in respect of your previously submitted claim is available in the “Information for Creditors” tab found at the bottom of the homepage on the Claims Site.

Please note that you will only have received a letter if you previously submitted a claim and it appears that the claim is against, or should be against, a Thomas Cook UK liquidation company that is reasonably considered to have sufficient funds to make a distribution to its unsecured creditors.

Adding a new claim to the Claims Site

If you have not yet submitted a claim against one of the liquidation Companies, you can still enter a new claim by registering on the Claims Site. Claims previously submitted to the Special Managers by email or post should not be entered as a new claim on the Claims Site as these are likely to be considered to be duplicates and could be rejected.

All claims submitted will need to be substantiated with appropriate evidence and uploaded to the Claims Site. Supporting documentation for your claim could include invoices, statements of account, proofs of delivery, contracts or any other relevant information.

If you are unable to submit a claim using the Claims Site, or have any general claim queries, please follow the instructions in the Quick Guide for Creditors which can be found on a tab at the bottom of the Claims Site. All claims submitted will need to be substantiated by appropriate evidence attached to the claim.

Claims may be made in respect of any of the Thomas Cook UK liquidation Companies. However, where a claim is received in respect of a Thomas Cook UK liquidation company for which it is envisaged that a payment to creditors will not be made, it will not be acknowledged and will not be assessed by the Liquidator, the Special Managers, or the Agent to decide whether it should be accepted.

Distribution information

The Official Receiver and the Special Managers are continuing to take steps to realise the assets of certain of the Companies. Once that process is finalised it will be possible to form a final view of whether, for each of the Companies, it is possible that a dividend may be paid.

The latest information regarding distribution prospects for each of the Companies is available for viewing on the Liquidators' Reports and Notices page.

Given the size and complexity of the group affairs, the Special Managers are unable to confirm the likely timing of any distributions. Please also note that if there are any funds available to distribute to unsecured creditors you will not be paid in full and any dividend will be made on a pence in the pound basis.

Further information for creditors

If you have submitted a proof of debt form to the Special Managers, Official Receiver or Agent, in light of the volume of creditor communications, they are not in a position to confirm receipt or provide individual updates at this time. However, should you require additional assistance regarding your claim, please access the Contacts page here. Any potential creditor who wishes to know the current status of their claim should log on to the Claims Site, where a current status will be available for claims received. Please note that where claims are submitted by email or post rather than online, there may be a delay in being able to access such claims on the Claims Site whilst the claim details are uploaded on your behalf.

We confirm that the Special Managers, Official Receiver or anyone legitimately acting on their behalf will never ask for a fee to recover some or all the funds owed to you by any of the Thomas Cook Companies in liquidation. If you are approached by a third party and asked to pay a fee to help you recover your money from the Thomas Cook liquidations it is highly likely that a scam is being attempted.

Further information which may be helpful to all creditors can be found in the Quick Guides for Creditors which is available below.

Quick Guide for Creditors