Thomas Cook Group Plc - General Creditor and Distribution Info

How to submit a claim and dividend information

If you have amounts due to you from the Company as at the date of appointment, you can register a claim by completing a proof of debt form, found here.

Please send your completed proof of debt form, together with supporting documentation, by email to the case contact or by post to:

C/o AlixPartners UK LLP
The Zenith Building
26 Spring Gardens
M2 1AB

Supporting documentation for your claim should include invoices, statements of account, proofs of delivery, contracts or any other relevant information.

As an unsecured creditor, your claim will be held on file pending clarification as to whether there will be sufficient realisations to allow a dividend to be paid to unsecured creditors. At this early stage it is not known whether there will be any return to unsecured creditors and whether you will be paid. On this basis, the Special Manager will not respond to confirm receipt of any individual claim you submit.